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Jul 18, 2019


Chana Sufrin is the founder of House of Lancry, a quintessential British  brand that celebrates clothing and lifestyle. With an incredible eye for detail and quality, Chana designs and manufactures her pieces in London proudly supporting local businesses. An avid traveller and equestrian, Chana is passionate about bringing hight fashion pieces to her modest clientele. Chana lives with her husband and three children in London.


What you will hear in this episode:

- How Chana started out in interior design and transitioned into the world of fashion 

- We discuss all the various factors that go into creating a successful clothing line such as quality control, sustainability, wearability etc. 

- Chana get's very candid about the struggles she had when she first  moved to England and the journey she went on to find inner happiness

- We talk about how British culture and style are reflected in The House of Lancry brand. Chana loves the energy, pace and creative expression that one can find in the bustling streets of London. Her mission is to take current, high end fashion and translate that into wearable pieces for her modest customers 


book: Shoe Dog- Phil Knighteasy

dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese

lipstick or beauty product: Victoria Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain

go to outfit-  House of Lancry slip dress with a blazer

girl boss: Joyce Azria

city:  Marakesh, Tuscany, Cape Town










book: Shoe dog- phil knigh


easy dinner: spaghetti Bolognese


lipstick or beauty product:victoria secret velvet stain


go to outfit- slip dress blazer


girl boss: Joyce Azria


city:  marakesh, Tuscany, Cape Town