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Apr 5, 2019

Sara is a wife and mom to five children ranging from ages 22-6 years. In addition to working as a speech therapist, Sara runs the ever popular WukoGals along with her two sisters Chani and Elana. Sara intentionally works part time so that she can be involved in her children’s schedules such as volunteering at their school. Passionate about health and exercise, Sara makes time every  single day to exercise. Self care is a non negotiable for Sara and enables her to manage her numerous roles so fluidly.


In this episode, Sara shares her tips on how to manage numerous roles in a balanced manner. A proper schedule and routines are essential in ensuring that everything gets done in a timely manner. As a seasoned mom, Sara is super intentional when it comes to parenting. Sara talks about how her goal is to give her children the tools to grow, develop and cultivate a sense of independence. Sara also feels that it is important to teach her children a strong work ethic, this is not simply talk as her daughters really are known to be the best babysitters in town!



Book:any book by Malcolm Gladwell, Turning Judaism Outward by Chaim Miller,


Dinner:  any protein, rice  or couscous and roasted veggies. Sara buys ready prepped veggies from Trader Joes which after soaking and checking) she roasts on sheet pans.


Workout : spinning, pilates, running,


Girlboss: Rachel Frier


Books mentioned in intro: Brene Brown's Daring Greatly and The Gifts od Imperfection