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May 10, 2019

Shelly Striks is a notable Interior Designer, Principal of Shelly Striks Design Group and owner of The Linen House, a high end bedding boutique in Los Angeles. With experience in Residential, commercial, healthcare and hospitality it is no surprise that Shelly conquered another niche lacking in the LA design scene. Her years of historical and traditional design experience may be the backbone of her boutique. But it’s her heart that is truly passionate about providing a livable luxury lifestyle for her customers. That passion has become infectious to her customers and designers alike.

In this episode, Shelly shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in growing two successful businesses. We discuss the key elements that one needs to have in order to grow a business such as knowing your product inside out and never being afraid to ask questions. We both talk about some of our more humbling experiences when learning the ropes in the hope that by sharing our experiences we can encourage other entrepreneurs going through similar challenges.Shelly  has been a wonderful mentor to me and with her warmth, honesty and sense of humor I am sure she will inspire you as well. 



Book: Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

Easy Dinner: Chicken cacciatore crockpot dinner

Favorite Quote:"The best thing I ever did was believe in me"

City: Ojai, California

Interior Designer: Barbara Barry

( We also discuss Diane Keaton and her book "The House That Pinterest Built")

Girl Boss / Role Model:Shelly's mother and mother in law

You can find Shelly at @thelinenhousela