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Apr 15, 2019


Tanya Heyman is a wife and mom to four and children and three dogs. Tanya strives for being real and honest in all areas of her life, hoping to make a difference in others by doing so.

She is a homebody who loves to make her house feel like a cozy and eclectic sanctuary. Crediting a strong relationship with G-d, Judaism and therapies as  her major grounding forces, Tanya is passionate about bringing awareness to mental health.She lives one day at a time in happy chaos.


In this episode, Tanya talks about her decision to be a stay at home mom despite the social pressure to work. Tanya is very deliberate about being present and focused on her children while still pursuing her interests and passions. A transparent and refreshing conversation that touches on everything from coping with anxiety to parenting a child with ADHD, Tanya shares her experience in the hopes of inspiring women to fully embrace who they are. Bravo Tanya for choosing to share your story!



Quote: Man plans and G-d laughs

Book: A million little pieces by James Frey (Please note this book contains  graphic content)

 Easy meal: take out

Hack:  Packing her baby's diaper bag the night before

 Beauty Fix : On The Go Glow