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Jun 3, 2019

Danielle Renov is a beloved food blogger and recipe developer who lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children. Danielle was the host of food wars on, the guest editor for Fleishigs Magazine, and  has recently started her own podcast called Peas In A  Pod (cast). You can find Danielle on instagram at @peaslovencarrots as well as on where she hosts  "Cooking with Danielle".


In this episode, we begin with how Danielle found her love of cooking. She credits her Moroccan grandmother (who was a superb cook) as well as her mother who praised Danielle's Duncan Heinz concoctions and encouraged her to experiment with various recipes. Danielle talks about how her cooking style has changed and evolved over the years and how she taught herself how to take better photos of her food, create a blog etc. Danielle maintains that while you should love what you do, it is patience, discipline and persistence that  are the key ingredients in  building something successful. With thousands of followers, an uber engaged audience and a cookbook in the works, it is quite obvious Danielle's hard work has paid off! We can't wait to see what you have in store Danielle!



Spice: Every spice except dill

Kitchen Gadget: Lemon squeezer

Easy Meal: 1) Chinese takeout 2) spiced grilled chicken with couscous, zhug and tahini