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Sep 6, 2019

 Chaya Chanin is one part of the dynamic sister duo called The Frock. Born and raised in Australia, Chaya and Simi share a unique fashion sense influenced by the easy-going surf culture of the beaches of Sydney, and their upbringing in an orthodox Jewish home. In September 2010 they started their business the Frock and have never looked back.

Influenced by their life experiences as mothers, entrepreneurs, and fashion lovers, Chaya and Simi combine a relaxed, easy-to wear vibe with a high-end aesthetic. Chaya lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn NY.


What you will hear in this episode:

-Chaya discusses the start of her business, which beganas a consignment pop up shop. Realizing there was a strong need for modest layering basics, Chaya and Simi created the Signature Slip.

-Chaya discusses the pushback and feedback that she receives  from  sharing her personal life on Instagram. We talk about the concept of oversharing and yet  we never know when we can touch someone with our stories.

-Chaya talks about her experience on MiCDrop  and what it felt like leading up to that experience .

- We discuss the idea of  mindfully cultivating positivity and a sense of optimism despite experiencing challenges in life.



Fashion icon:Chaya's sister Simi

Frock item: The Marakkesh or the Signature Slip

Book: The Choice by Dr. Edith Eger

Easy Dinner: Ground meat with dates and spices served with a side of chummus.


You can find Chaya  at @thefrocknyc