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Jan 6, 2020

Sheva  Kastel is a personal shopper and personal stylist. Sheva is also trained in determining someone’s season/ color palette using the seasonal color analysis method. This method factors in a person's skin tone, eye and hair color to determine which colors most suit them. Sheva trained with Rochele Hirsch using the Suzanne Caygil method. 
Sheva’s goal is to help women feel confident when getting dressed. Incorporating budget friendly finds with timeless pieces Sheva is of the philosophy that fashion should be approachable, attainable and most importantly fun.
What you will hear in this episode:
-Sheva and I discuss the idea that sometimes impulsivity can be a good thing. Rather then letting fear determine her course of actions, Sheva started her business by writing one message on her community WhatsApp group offering her services as a personal stylist/shopper. 
-We discuss the importance of women embracing their own unique style. Sheva is  a big proponent of women getting their seasonal palette done as it  simplifies the shopping process . Women tend to glow and need less makeup when wearing their colors. Most importantly the experience tends to be an empowering one as women who are usually overwhelmed by a myriad of clothing options are now given a streamlined guide to help them look their best. 
- As women get busier and busier, we are looking for ways to outsource some of our responsibilities. Hiring a personal shopper /stylist has helped so many women incorporate fashion into their otherwise full and busy lives. Sheva works with many women who need help in pulling together the numerous pieces they already own. Being budget conscious and savvy on how to incorporate high/low looks, Sheva helps women cultivate a wardrobe unique to their personal style and aesthetic.
-We talk about self care and how important it is to check in with ourselves and notice how we are feeling. By allowing ourselves to be fully present with our feelings and acknowledging what we need we are better equipped to deal with more challenging/ difficult emotions.  Taking short breaks, seeking out some stillness etc. these little habits can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical health. This can be a challenging for us to embrace as  the predominant culture values being productive over being healthy/happy. 
Ninety Seconds To A Life You love by Joan I. Rosenberg
Big Magic by Liz Gilbert
Careergasm by Sarah Vermunt
City: Sydney, Australia
Easy Dinner: chicken curry drumsticks from Millenial Kosher
Style icons: Iris Apfel, Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What
( You can find out about the documentary on Iris Apfel here.)
Sheva can be reached at @stylebysheva