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Jan 21, 2020

Elizabeth Savetsky is a wife,  mother and accessories blogger who uses her platform to advocate for causes that are close to her heart. Through her blog and social media channels,Elizabeth shares her journey of fashionable motherhood, often featuring her two young daughters, budding fashionistas, Stella and Juliet.

She is a vocal activist for Israel and the Jewish people and works with numerous non-profit, philanthropic movements to support her people and her homeland. 

Elizabeth travels frequently to give talks on infertility and pregnancy loss, two topics with which she is intimately familiar.She most recently founded the "Real Love, Real Loss"movement on social media to destigmatize  pregnancy loss for women on a global level.Her mission is to empower people to stand up for what they believe in and live a life of kindness and fulfillment.


What you will hear in this episode:

- We talk about about Elizabeth's early start in fashion  and how she grew up around pageants in Texas which highly influenced her maximalist style. After studying journalism and a brief stint in education, Elizabeth got a job working for a fashion PR company and the rest was history!

- We chat about the beginning of The Accessories Expert Blog and how Elizabeth originally started it as a creative outlet. Once it started to grow rapidly, Elizabeth made the decision to transition to her blog full time. A risky move but one that paid off.

-Elizabeth has used her platform to raise awareness for infertility and pregnancy loss. We discuss the importance of reaching out to  numerous women on such an important topic. A fiercley proud Jew, Elizabeth also uses her social media platform to support Israel, denounce anti semitism and encourage others to do the same. Her philosophy is everyone is responsible for creating change .



Book: Listening to God by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

City: New York

Girl Boss: Liz Taylor

You can find Elizabeth @elizabethsavetsky

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