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Mar 27, 2020

Previously, the Senior Art Director for Spring, a shopping app and website that carries over 1500+ brands, Rudsak, a high-end fashion brand and Aldo Shoes, a leading international footwear and accessories retailer, Rebecca gained knowledge and experience in a fast-paced retail environment. With a formal multidisciplinary training in graphic design, industrial design, and web design, Rebecca is constantly nurturing the right side of her brain through research and travel. 

Rebecca is  also the co-founder of alcovea series of intimate conversations with award winning podcasts. alcove features visionaries leaving their mark on the universe through their talent, boldness and appetite for making the impossible possible, with humility.

On this episode of Boss Maidel, we talk about  Rebecca's start at Aldo shoes where she worked as a creative director. A quick learner and team player Rebecca was able to wear many hats during that period and is grateful for the mentoring and camaraderie that she experienced while working for the company. Emphasizing hard work and the ability to be flexible when envisioning various brands aesthetics, Rebecca has since worked with Rudsak, Goodee, Vaaris etc.


Additionally, we talk about the difficulties Rebecca experienced transitioning into motherhood (Rebecca's son Lev was born with multiple heart defects that led them to find a rare genetic disease.) and her current situation which Rebecca  has learned to take day by day.  Focusing on what she can control, making a difference, connecting with others and creating conversations  are some of the key values that Rebecca lives by. 



City: Tokyo

Book: Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley, David Kelley  

Heart  Talk by Cleo Wade

Quote: "Work hard and be nice to people" "Focus on the things you can control"

Girl Boss: Cleo Wade 

You can find Rebecca at: