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Sep 15, 2019

Brocha Chana Metzger was born a tour guide, nature lover and interior designer. A Brooklyn native, this mother and wife resides in Manhattan where she has served as the Shlucha to Chabad of Midtown since 1996. You will find Brocha Chana hosting Shabbat meals and programs for people from all over the world. In her capacity as Shlucha she frequently lectures on Judaic topics specializing in the history of the Jews of New York.  She uses her creativity to design the beautiful Bryant Park Sukkah, Chabad event decor and publications. Her instablog @gothamfairytales has been growing in popularity since starting in the spring of 2018. Her commentary gives her a platform to share her nature photography, city secrets, history, Catskills wanderings, home decor, as well as her inside knowledge of the local interior design scene. Brocha Chana's husband and children are occasionally willing participants in her adventures. While they have been known to roll their eyes, more often than not they are moved to appreciate and promote her discoveries.


What you will hear in this episode:

-Brocha Chana  discusses her early passion for all things design related. She initially though she would pursue a career as a historian or curator. However, when she met her husband he was involved in outreach and she was drawn to the meaningful nature of his work. Thus she began her life as a Chabad shlucha always aiming to incorporate her creative flair to enhance her outreach work.

-We discuss the idea that the sciences, arts etc. are not mutually exclusive to leading a spiritual and religious life. On the contrary, Brocha Chana shares examples of great Jewish leaders and though provokers who where well versed in a plethora of subjects.

- We chat about our favorite interior design trends,shops and tips. Brocha Chana is a big believer that a room should be well dressed ( much like a woman) and should tell of the owner's personality. Collecting, gathering and layering various elements can crate dynamic  spaces.



Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Interior Designer: Sarah Ruffin Costello,Kit Kemp, Melanie Turner

Shop: Astier de Villatte, John Derian

You can find Brocha Chana @gothamfairytales