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Apr 17, 2020

Melody Aziz is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Fountain of Kindness. She was inspired to start the organization in honor of her two children and all Jewish children. 

"Fountain of Kindness is my way of teaching my children about giving back to the community, spreading kindness and encouraging others to do so too."

Melody is responsible for the vision, strategy and fundraising of the organization. She oversees all operations of the organization and is an integral part of the success of its growth. Melody attended Queens College where she obtained a dual Bachelors in Speech & Language Pathology & Sociology.

On this episode of Boss Maidel, we talk about Melody's non profit organization Fountain of Kindness. Melody started the organization as a means for people to help out those in need and it has grown to include hundreds of participants.From delivering groceries and meals to fundraising for needy families, Fountain of Kindness helps so many individuals and families in difficult situations. Having battled cancer, Melody understood the importance of support and social interaction that one needs when going through a challenging a time.

We chat about how her personal experience  with cancer gave Melody a fresh new perspective on life. Melody strongly believes that challenges bring out our inner strength and resilience.


City: Miami

Easy Dinner: shake 'n bake

Role model: her mom

You can find Melody @fountainofkindness