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Nov 8, 2019

Chany Rosen is the CEO of Cavalry Associates, an expediting firm located in Brooklyn, NY. In the 3 years since Cavalry's debut, Chany has managed to take the expediting world by storm positioning herself as a leader in the industry. With a speed that shocked even herself, Chany has grown her business beyond her wildest expectations. She now houses a staff of 20 in her 2 story office in the center of Flatbush.
Chany is the proud mom to 5 beautiful daughters and is very conscious about maintaining her work/home balance. 
She is also known for her wild obsession with Chanel shoes.
What you will hear in this episode:
-Chany talks about her job as an expeditor and  how she is a natural problem solver. One of her favorites parts of her job is  brainstorming solutions in order to get properties approved.The bigger the challenge the more Chany is excited to tackle it!

- We chat about the transition from work to home. Chany is candid about the struggle many experience face when coming home from  work and facing the particularly challenging hours of homework, dinner, bath time etc. It’s a constant work in progress to be present, patient and face reality particularly after the surge of adrenaline that work can  bring.

-Chany talks about her power hour: her early morning routine of waking up at 4:00 am. She  enjoys the peace and quiet  and loves to get a head start on the day.

-We talk about being "in the flow". How it's completely okay to be unabashedly proud and passionate about your work. As women we are often apologetic about our work ethic and success , acknowledging what we truly love to do rather then what we feel we should do not only benefits ourselves but those around us.  


City: New York

Book: The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

Role Model: her father

Quote:"If you want it to happen you must make it happen, if you let it happen you won't like what happens."

You can find Chany at: @chanyrosen1





- We talk about Being in the flow- being unabashed about absolutely loving work embracing what you truly love unapolegetically